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Our mission is to assist organizations and their clients with vision loss to expand their ability to travel within their environments. We offer expert analysis and recommendations to the built environment such as analyzing intersections to help organizations comply with requests for Accessible Pedestrian Signals (APS) and other challenges to the outside environment.

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Our Services


Orientation & Mobility

In Focus Mobility makes valuable connections with individuals, agencies, and organizations to provide numerous orientation and mobility services to individuals with visual impairments to benefit them as they expand their ability to effectively travel within their environments such as residential, commercial, and business. Our expansive, quality Orientation and Mobility evaluations enable us to tailor and individualize plans of action for each client.

Environmental Analysis 

In Focus Mobility provides a valuable service to individuals and agencies by analyzing the built environment and presenting valuable recommendations to increase accessibility for vulnerable road users. Best practices are standard practice to address the needs of non-motorized users. In collaboration with Physical Engineers and other staff treatment options are presented to strengthen the innovation ecosystem.


Research Consultant  

In Focus Mobility provides a valuable service to agencies and institutions in the systematic approach of sharing their knowledge and accessibility expertise. Inquisitive and inquiring questions are asked of any research statements that have conscious or unconscious bias. Resources and literature that substantiates best practices are presented to the research team. By identifying and addressing compliance and accommodation needs for vulnerable road users, the pace of change should be inclusive, seamless, and accessible to all.  In Focus Mobility brings to the forefront any barriers, exclusivity, and blurring of equivalent facilitation.


In Focus Mobility facilitates and implements workshops, webinars, and other interactive, educational programs. We engage in community outreach through the facilitation of interactive, engaging, and meaningful content. Topics range from methods to increase accessibility to public transit, accessibility to the built environment, accessibility for all users in connected and autonomous vehicles, and equity indicators for vulnerable pedestrians.

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What does the
Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) do?

Helps people with disabilities access the same employment opportunities and benefits available to people without disabilities.

Prohibits discrimination on the basis of disability by “public entities”

Prohibits places of public accommodation from discriminating against individuals with disabilities


“JoAnne Chalom has made significant contributions to the field of Orientation and Mobility in many areas. She is a regular presenter at professional conferences in the field of blindness and vision loss, as well as outside entities. JoAnne's involvement in related professions, such as the field of Traffic Engineering has been invaluable. She has helped Traffic and Transportation professionals understand the unique travel needs of those with blindness and vision loss, and has also brought information about changes in the built environment to Orientation and Mobility Specialists so that they can be prepared in delivering timely information to the individuals they serve. Her ability to "speak the language" of both professions makes her skill set highly valuable to both fields.”

Christopher Tabb, M.A., COMS

Texas School for the Blind and Visually Impaired

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